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Digital Ordering For Restaurant

Allow online ordering and App ordering for takeaway, or directly from tables seamlessly integrated into the points of Sale. The platform calculates a precise Promise Time(tm) using every order in your POS and your kitchen’s current capacity. It also provides real-time status to guests without the any risk of a swarm of operations. When you integrate delivery companies,, you are charged less and you own relations with customers. All-in-one at a fixed cost per month.

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Cloud (App and Web Ordering) for Full-Service

Takeaway/Click ‘n’ Collect

The system allows orders to be placed up to weeks ahead. Complete support for different menus and prices for various dates, types of orders and campaign items either as stand-alone products or in conjunction integrated in two ways into the POS.

Table Ordering

You can add a table number while placing an order . You can also use a QR-code onto the table to find the correct menu in the store and then choose the appropriate type of order. Table ordering lets you place more than one order per trip, quicker turnaround on tables and savings in labour.

On-premises ordering for Full-Service

Order Management

An app platform that is able to be used on a laptop computer or phone that has full identity management. Allowing digital order outside of the POS , but also apps for real-time analyses, stock-outs and publishing, as well as locating vehicles or guests, etc.

POS Integration

Through a two-way connection with the POS all menus, pricing , and other items are centralized in one spot The staff will function in exactly the same manner regardless of the ordering channel. We can support complicated product and setups.

KDS Integration

Display the status of your order using the Kitchen Display System on an Order Status Board (Order Ready Board) and have the same information to your guests via the app or web-based ordering service, in real time.

Delivery Integration

You can allow delivery ordering through your channels. Through seamless integration to your favorite Delivery Service Provider, you’ll be able to sell through your own channels. You will also ensure a good relationship with your guest , and reduce the commission.

Functionality for Full-Service


Future Ordering is a Future Ordering platform comes with an advanced recommendation engine that is fully integrated into the user journey across all channels to facilitate cross-selling, upselling, and recommendations based upon item placed in the store or added at date and the current contents of the basket.


Coupons, vouchers, as well as an outside “mix and match” calculation to provide consistent pricing in cross-channel campaigns. We also offer discount programs within the underlying systems for customers or staff employees.

Marketing Communication

Connect with your guest using push notifications and SMS messages, or via email. As per the profiles of registered users and agreements, communications are fully GDPR compliant.

QR Codes/Deep Linking

Beginning with a digital campaign, or by using a QR Code with our Linkbuilder allows you to connect the user directly to the correct experience in the user’s journey. Support for order type, store menu/time, and even the purchase of a discount or product into the cart.

Payment Options & Local Wallets

Offer local and global PSP’s, payment gifts, wallets, or stored value with an easy checkout experience that includes the ability to split payments as well as storage of payment tokens. The Future Ordering Card Data Environment is certified PCI DSS 3.2 Service Level 1 Provider.

Account/Guest Ordering

With a GDPR compliant user account , you’ll own the relationship you have with your guests. We offer registered users as well as guests with a seamless ordering experience. We also offer the option to SSO using an existing or external user account.

Promise Time 

Automatically calculate an exact promise Time(tm) to takeaway delivery, or for eat-in Based on the total number of orders placed in the system/POS as well as the current capacity of the kitchen. Promise Time(tm) guarantees satisfaction of the guests and reduces the chance of overloading the operations.

Stored Value/Gift Cards

With support for the POS or at the POS, allow your customers the option of topping up a store value accounts, purchase and pay for purchases with gift cards that are linked to the user account , or make use of the same system to develop a compensation plan that can be used across every sales channel.


Create custom loyalty programs that seamlessly across all sales channels. Incentivize visits and increase sales and traffic to the retail stores. Loyalty will be the primary of development in the next few weeks and over the years.

Master Data Management

Enhance the digital channels by adding meta data in line with the Master Data Management Strategy enabling one version of the truth. Use our API’s for the necessary data to analyse everything from user behavior to sales.

Merchant Account Customers

Give employees and employees of organisations and companies discounts in conjunction with the ease of invoices as a method of payment. This can build trust and makes your brand the preferred choice for lunch and dinner during business hours.

Proximity – Locate guest at Table

Install your stores with technology for location to be able to detect when guests have arrived, and where they’re seated and carry foods directly onto the table. This is a component of Order Management Platform with a 3rd party’s subscription and the location HW.

Services for Full-Service

Global Support, 24/7/365

We offer support for second line and incident response 24 hours a day to ensure that operations continue uninterrupted as part of the software subscription. The Knowledge Management portal includes guides to configuration, knowledge articles and the best practices.


Expand your Future Ordering platform with custom integrations or custom. If the feature request is not an element of the roadmap for our platform, you may opt to have integrations or custom-designed development through the Professional Services Organisation.

IT & Compliance for Full-Service

PCI Compliance

Future Ordering’s Card Data Environment is certified PCI DSS 3.2 Service Provider Level 1. We have an AOC (Attestation of Compliance) is available upon request. This certificate reduces the liability and risk of merchants in accepting online payments as well as those who accept “PSP/bank fees”.

GDPR Compliance

As an administrator of personal Data, Future Ordering undertake the necessary measures of organisation and technology to ensure compliance with the demands of the Applicable Data Protection Laws and protects the rights of the data subject.


The platform can provide enterprise organizations with telemetry services for everything from hardware-supported exceptions to calls that fail. Your IT organization or solution provider could utilize this information to monitor the sales channels on the internet in real time and automate workflows to ensure uninterrupted operations.